Monday, January 7, 2008

Alan's Sweater

Another UFO finished! I started this yoke sweater last year for DH but when I got to the neck, I put it down. I picked it up yesterday and finished it. Unfortunately when he tried it on, we both decided it was too "girly", so now it's mine. Back to the drawing board.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease with 2 strands together on size 13s. It's knitted from the bottom in the round. I used the methods in Knitting in the Old Way. Love that book! This was my first yoke sweater. Next time I'll be more adventurous with the actual yoke . When I was finished I could see why they traditionally have all of those colors! When it's in a solid color, the decreases are pretty visible. Not that I mind that -- I think it adds an interesting texture.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Shauna's Poncho

After three years, I finally finished it. It's been a joke between us -- it was a birthday gift, but it wasn't finished. I gave it to her unfinished and then said, "Okay, give it back so I can finish it." The pattern came from Sally Melville's book The Knit Stitch. I love Sally's books! Anyway, Shauna finally got her poncho. My New Year's resolution is to finish my UFOs! We all know how that goes -- at the end of the year, we'll see how I did! :)

Alan's Scarf

This is the scarf I made my husband for Christmas. Okay, it's not the whole scarf! I need to take some pics of the finished product. The yarn is alpaca and I sort of made up the pattern as I went -- it's just 1x1 rib with a cable down the middle -- 2 p st on each side of the st st cable. Pretty easy and fun to do.

My New Scarf

Okay, I know it's been FOREVER!!! I've just been way too busy to keep up. Anyway, this is my new scarf. I got the pattern from my pal Dana. I think she got it from Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the pattern. The yarn was part of one of those felted bag kits from JoAnne Fabric. They had a bunch of kits on clearance -- didn't care much for the bag but loved the yarn, so I bought it -- 4 skeins of single ply bulky wool for $8 -- couldn't go wrong. I wear this with a black pea coat and get tons of comments!