Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Bags

Rylan requested a bag similar to Karin's, but I only had one placemat in the same pattern. I made a half-size version by folding the placemat in half lengthwise. I used ribbon to attach the handles and I made the closure out of wider ribbon in the same color. I sewed a vintage button on by hand, but I used Velcro for the actual closure.

The green bag was a request by Jason for his wife. I folded one placemat in half like I did with the blue bag, but this one is lined with yellow broadcloth backed with fusible interfacing. The blue bag was self-lined as the placemat was backed with a plain brown layer of fabric. The green bag has a magnetic closure and the handles are attached with ribbons.

These are still prototypes. Each bag is an adventure because I don't use patterns. I prefer to wing it and see what happens. Mistakes are made, but I'm learning from them, so it's cool, right? Anyway, because these are prototypes, my friends get to be my guinea pigs. I let them pick the placemats and I have free reign with the rest. As soon as I get the wrinkles ironed out, I hope to start mass producing -- well, as much as handmade things can be mass-produced! -- and sell at local craft shows next year. I'd like to be really adventurous and open an Etsy shop, but I guess I'm still a little too timid to go there! Opinions welcome.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Placemat Bag Version 2

My second attempt at a placemat bag. Mistakes were made. Gimme a break. I'm still hammering out prototypes. For one thing, I should have stitched the tabs in green thread instead of brown. Brown thread would be an interesting designe element if I could stitch straight, but I can't. The tabs actually do match a very light stripe in the pattern on the fabric, but you can't see it very well in the picture. If you click the picture and blow it up, you can see it better. Karin claimed this one! Shelby suggested I try a diaper bag, as she is having her third baby girl in a week or so. I need to give that one some thought. Lots of pockets and compartments. I don't even know what goes into a diaper bag besides diapers. I've gotta go do some research!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fabric Labels

These are my new fabric labels -- I used inkjet fabric sheets. Very easy. In the last post (Placemat Bag) there's a pic of a label in the bag. I forgot to satin stitch it to the lining of the bag before I put the lining in the bag, so I attached it with fabric glue.

First Stab at Placemat Bags

I know! I know! I'm a bad blogger -- it's been months and months and months. Get over it.

This is my first attempt at making a placemat purse. I got some nice heavy, pretty placemats. I used lighter placemats for the lining. I sewed them together, added a magnetic closure and ribbon tabs for the handles. Oh, and I sewed across the corners the bottom sits flat. This bag was made especially for Dana!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Signed Up With Ravelry

I've been reading so much about Ravelry that I had to check it out: It's still in beta and they've got a waiting list to join, but it only took about a week. I haven't really gotten into it yet, but I've created my account and I've been poking around and it looks fabulous. One of the features I'll use most is a database that allows users to keep track of their stash and tools. The timing was perfect for me -- I'm in the process of turning the spare bedroom into my craft room, which means a huge reorganization -- okay, it can't be an reorganization if it was never organized to begin with! :) Anyway, I can't wait to really get into using Ravelry!

Jane Crosses the Bridge

One of my beloved Angoras was returned to the earth last week. Here is a pic that was taken the day I brought her home. She was little more than a kit and shared a small crate with her littermate Blanche. They were named after the characters played by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. The other pic was taken last summer. She was 5 years old and 12 pounds and had been living in her own spacious hutch that was built by DH. Jane passed in February. It was hard to dig. As our dear friend Tony put it: "Rabbit: 12 pounds . . . Friend with a backhoe: Priceless." Great heartfelt thanks to Tony & Dana for helping us with our Jane's funeral.

Fun with Bleach

I made a nifty t-shirt for DH. I gotta get a picture of the finished shirt, though! I used a plain black t-shirt, a Clorox bleach pen and a stencil. I taped the stencil to the shirt, colored it in with the bleach pen and then just waited for a few hours. When it was done, the picture was the burnt-looking brownish orangy color you can see in this picture. I put it in bleach stop for a while to stop the process and then threw it in the washing machine. Gotta try this again -- great fun was had by all. Oh -- this is important -- open a window or work outside!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Alan's Sweater

Another UFO finished! I started this yoke sweater last year for DH but when I got to the neck, I put it down. I picked it up yesterday and finished it. Unfortunately when he tried it on, we both decided it was too "girly", so now it's mine. Back to the drawing board.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease with 2 strands together on size 13s. It's knitted from the bottom in the round. I used the methods in Knitting in the Old Way. Love that book! This was my first yoke sweater. Next time I'll be more adventurous with the actual yoke . When I was finished I could see why they traditionally have all of those colors! When it's in a solid color, the decreases are pretty visible. Not that I mind that -- I think it adds an interesting texture.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Shauna's Poncho

After three years, I finally finished it. It's been a joke between us -- it was a birthday gift, but it wasn't finished. I gave it to her unfinished and then said, "Okay, give it back so I can finish it." The pattern came from Sally Melville's book The Knit Stitch. I love Sally's books! Anyway, Shauna finally got her poncho. My New Year's resolution is to finish my UFOs! We all know how that goes -- at the end of the year, we'll see how I did! :)

Alan's Scarf

This is the scarf I made my husband for Christmas. Okay, it's not the whole scarf! I need to take some pics of the finished product. The yarn is alpaca and I sort of made up the pattern as I went -- it's just 1x1 rib with a cable down the middle -- 2 p st on each side of the st st cable. Pretty easy and fun to do.

My New Scarf

Okay, I know it's been FOREVER!!! I've just been way too busy to keep up. Anyway, this is my new scarf. I got the pattern from my pal Dana. I think she got it from Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the pattern. The yarn was part of one of those felted bag kits from JoAnne Fabric. They had a bunch of kits on clearance -- didn't care much for the bag but loved the yarn, so I bought it -- 4 skeins of single ply bulky wool for $8 -- couldn't go wrong. I wear this with a black pea coat and get tons of comments!