Friday, February 20, 2009

RIP Blanche

The last of my Angoras passed away a few weeks ago. The pic on the left was Blanche the day we brought her home and the other pic is Blanche as an adult. She was very old and I'd been expecting this for awhile. But, like her sister Jane, she died when the ground was frozen. Our friend Tony once again broke out the backhoe for us. Thanks, Tony!

More More Wristlets

These are the wristlets I made this week. They'll be for sale at The Pen & Thread as soon as I finish the hang tags and a few other details.

More Placemat Bags

These are the placemat bags I made this week. The inside of the plaid one is plain black -- couldn't get a good pic of it. I stopped by the shop to see Mary Anna this week. She's been working hard to reorganize and it's beautiful! She's got tons of handspun yarns in natural colors and dozens of handspun, handknitted hats. I'll try to get some pics next time I stop in.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kitschy Spring Fun

How's this for a fun little summer bag? I made it from a placemat -- one of the stiff, fabric-covered ones. I added a satin lining and attached the purchased handles with some sturdy ribbon. It looks retro to me. What do you think?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jason's Purse

Jason asked me to make a placemat bag for his mother and this is what happened. I think I've finally got the knack!

Robin's Wristlet

So Robin was admiring my wristlet and I remembered that I had bought some of her old wool sweaters at a yard sale and they were all felted and sitting on my stash shelf. Now Robin has a new wristlet, too. Pink is her favorite color and pink and brown is her favorite color combo.

Nubuck Tote Bag

So I've been admiring my friend Robin's red leather Tommy tote. It's the perfect size to haul case files in our jobs as case managers. I happened to have some nubuck in my stash, so after much experimentation, I finally have a new tote for myself!

So then I was admiring my friend Dana's Coach wristlet. And while I was making the tote, I popped out a matching wristlet for myself -- again with some experimentation -- I've never been a fan of the zipper, but I think I have it down now!